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2024-25 School Applications

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The Program

Welcome to the 7th annual ENpowered Games, an engineering competition for students from Chicago-area schools participating in Project SYNCERE’s Spring ENpowered Program. This year’s theme is Advanced Autos – Driving Towards Innovation.

Throughout the spring, Project SYNCERE partnered with 13 schools to provide students with an engineering-based program to enhance their interest and skills in the STEM fields. Our ENpowered Program focuses on developing students’ skills in engineering design, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our staff members lead students through mini-design challenges during the program to strengthen their critical thinking skills while preparing them for the competition.

ENpowered Games is the culminating event for students to showcase the knowledge and skills gained through the ENpowered Program in a real-world setting. Students work in teams to compete for the grand prize throughout the competition.

The competition aims to energize students to pursue post-secondary opportunities in engineering or other science, technology, and math fields.

Want to get involved? We welcome volunteers to serve as guest judges, tabulators, or provide general assistance during the Games.

2024 Competitors

  • South Shore – Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy
  • Calumet Heights – Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • Grand Boulevard – Bronzeville Classical Elementary School
  • Grand Boulevard – Holy Angels Catholic School
  • North Lawndale – Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Academy
  • Washington Heights – CICS-Longwood
  • Greater Grand Crossing – Henry O Tanner Elementary School
  • Chatham – James E McDade Elementary Classical School
  • East Side – Jane Addams Elementary School
  • West Lawn – Mariano Azuela Elementary School
  • Garfield Ridge – Robert L Grimes Elementary School
  • Auburn Gresham – Scott Joplin Elementary School
  • Humboldt Park – West Park Elementary Academy

The Goal

Our goal is to increase America’s talent pool by improving STEM education for under-represented youth. Through their participation in this comprehensive STEM competition, students will have an increased aptitude and appreciation for the STEM fields. Our hope is that by providing students with an initial spark, they will become energized by their involvement in the program and choose to continue their pursuit of STEM knowledge by participating in other programs such as our out-of-school program, E-CADEMY.

Additionally, through the theme of social change, we hope to inspire students to see the pursuit of engineering skills as a means to impact their surrounding and global communities. We want students to begin to identify themselves as change agents and

The goals for the competition are to:

  • Increase awareness of career opportunities in STEM
  • Enhance positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines
  • Develop an understanding of how to utilize the engineering design process to solve problems
  • Gain skills in communication, critical thinking and collaboration
  • Create a pipeline of students to participate in our year-round E-CADEMY program
  • Expose families to the value of STEM careers

2023 ENpowered Games Recap

Wrap Up 30_5 from Project SYNCERE on Vimeo.

EPG In the News

This program made me realize that you should just let your ideas flow out of your head and you should care about other people’s opinion
Ridley, West Park Elem

The program was difficult, but rewarding.

Regino, Melody STEM
This program is amazing especially for people into tech. It made me realize how creative I can be when I put my mind to something.
Rodriguez, West Park Elem
I enjoyed the program and  learned a lot — being a part of it makes me happy and feel good
Daisia, Melody STEM Elem
This program taught me to keep adding even if I think I’m done [tinkering]
Marbley, West Park Elem