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ENpowered Overview

Project SYNCERE’s ENpowered program provides students with an introduction to engineering. This program provides students in grades 3-12 with hands-on engineering experiences that are designed to increase their interest and understanding of STEM.

Through our partnerships with schools, universities, community organizations and other youth serving agencies, we are able to provide more than 1,800 students with exciting project-based learning experiences. Our dynamic staff of engineers and other STEM professionals lead students through real-world engineering problems that help them understand how the work we are doing in class is connected to the real-world. Our goal is to get students excited about STEM at an early age to provide them with a strong scientific foundation and a head start in building a scientific career.

Program Goals

  • Increased awareness of career opportunities in STEM
  • Enhanced positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines
  • Develop understanding of how to utilize the Engineering Design Process
  • Gain skills in communication, critical thinking and collaboration
  • Expose families to the value of STEM careers
  • Create a pipeline of students to participate in E-CADEMY program

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