Project SYNCERE is proud to announce its inaugural Legacy of Innovation Program. February 22nd-27th, in celebration of Black History Month and Engineering Week, Project SYNCERE will introduce 400 Chicagoland students to engineering. Students will engage in hands-on projects inspired by the fields of Civil Engineering, Solar Energy, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. The objective of this program is two-fold: to give students their first exposure to engineering and to solicit financial support for the E-CADEMY program.

In Chicago Public Schools (CPS), where close to 85% of students are either Black or Latino, there is an urgent need to boost student skills and motivation in the STEM fields. Illinois currently trails the national average for the share of STEM degrees awarded to female, Latino, and African-American students. In 2015, 8% of Illinois’ STEM graduates were African-American and 7.1% Latino. Both in Illinois and nationally, computer science graduates are significantly less diverse. Only 16.7% of computer science degrees were awarded to female students in 2015, while just 3.8% of CS graduates were Latino, and 2.5% were African-American. The pathway to these careers begins with early exposure to STEM and a guided pathway to post-secondary opportunities. Graduates of the E-CADEMY program matriculate to college with STEM majors at a rate of 100%.

E-CADEMY is our year-round, high dosage, multi-year Saturday engineering program designed to provide underrepresented students with a guided pathway of opportunities to increase their interest and skills in engineering, while preparing them for entry into post-secondary engineering schools. Only 6% of STEM positions are held by African Americans. The National Science Foundation recommends that diversity in technology would contribute to national competitiveness and sustained global leadership in innovation.

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Beginning February 1st, we invite members of the Project SYNCERE community to encourage the next generation of engineers by sharing videos on social media. These videos should be no more than 1-2 minutes.

  • Do you have a story about how you became an engineer?
  • Would you like to share why diversity is so important in STEM?
  • Do you have a story about the impact of Project SYNCERE on the next generation of engineers?

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