Project SYNCERE’s Co-founder and Executive Director, Jason Coleman, traveled to Rwanda in East Africa as an Eisenhower Fellow to study their education ecosystem and to broaden our mission internationally. 

On June 12th, Jason kicked off his Eisenhower Fellowship by traveling 8k miles to Kigali, Rwanda to explore their educational eco-system as it relates to the STEM fields. As a STEM advocate, educator and ambassador, he was very interested to learn how other nations are encouraging and supporting students’ development in the STEM fields.
As part of his Eisenhower Fellowship, Jason sought to learn how governmental policies are influencing the ways students gain access to opportunities in STEM and the impact this has on the resources provided to schools and other agencies to adequately prepare students for future careers in STEM.
The Fellowship provided him the opportunity to explore how schools and NGOs are building their capacity to effectively teach students STEM subjects, while also providing them with the experiences necessary to garner further persistence in the fields. He wanted to gain a broader understanding of the role of industry in the development of the future of work, specifically, how corporations are assisting in the development of the future technical workforce and the type of opportunities they are providing to help students gain an understanding of the importance of STEM as a profession.
At the conclusion of his Fellowship, he will share out the knowledge gained through his travel with the STEM community at large, as well as look to see how he can implement many of these best-practices into his own work at Project SYNCERE